Luton Airport Uber Designated Waiting Spots

Uber Dedicated Waiting spots for Luton airport pickups

Luton Airport waiting area for Uber drivers Uber did recently change the Luton airport pickup locations entirely, and I was left wondering where are the new ones after a trip to the airport from London. They will no longer allow… Continue Reading

Third Week Earnings Report – Wages And Expense

Financial side of driving for Uber in London

Financial Report For The Third Week Driving For Uber So here it is the long overdue third week earnings report. I had a busy few weeks so I’ll try to breeze through the third and the fourth week earnings and… Continue Reading

Uber Airport Pickups In London – Heathrow *Updated*

Uber designated spots at Heathrow Airport

Where To Pick Up Passengers at Heathrow Airport Uber might have one the worst airport pickup system in the world. You pretty much had no idea what is going on 99% of the time while waiting for a pickup at any of the… Continue Reading

First Week Driving Report – Financials And Earnings

Financial side of driving for Uber in London

I want to share my experience driving for Uber so everyone who is on the verge of either start driving or is thinking about a career change can get a better idea of the experience. Money, of course, is the… Continue Reading