Stansted London Airport Uber Waiting Areas And Pickup


London Stansted Airport, just like Luton Airport and Gatwick Airport has specially designated Uber waiting for spots for partners willing to drive to and pick up passengers from the airport. Stansted has three separate waiting areas as per Uber guidelines, and they are the only areas you can officially wait on for a ping from Uber. If you wait at any other places outside these three spots, you might still be put in a queue according to the app, but you will never receive a ping from a passenger. I’ve been there, and I can personally confirm it – the app just shows the dreaded 0-10 minutes left to pickup, but the ping just never comes.

Uber Stansted Waiting Area  – Two Locations

London Stanstead Uber Waiting Areas

London Stanstead Uber Waiting Areas

There are two separate official Uber waiting areas at Stansted – The Midday car park, the McDonald’s restaurant on the other side of the road and the Birchinger Motorway service station further down the road:

   1.  Stansted Airport Mid-Stay Car Park – CM24 1PJ Post Code

I think this is pretty self-explanatory – the Stansted Mid-Stay car park. It has some facilities such as toilets and vending but don’t expect them to be very clean or in tip-top shape. Parking is free for the first hour, but you have to pay a quid for the second hour.

(No Longer Active) McDonalds Restaurant – CM24 1PY Post Code (No Longer Active)

Just a plain old Mickey D’s. You can have a bite while you’re waiting and don’t care about the calories you consume too much. It has toilets and running water, of course. The parking is supposedly for paying customers only, and I don’t know if they have any restrictions on how long you can wait there before incurring a fine. The Mickey D is situated amongst other shops and restaurants so you might be able to get away waiting there for a few hours.

  2. Birchinger Green Motorway Services –  CM23 5QZ Post Code

Birchinger Green is just another Motorway services facility with plenty of washrooms, restaurants, and shops to look at while you’re waiting for the ping. As far as I know, there are no restrictions on parking so you can be it there as much as you want. There is a petrol station as well so you can fill up on fuel if needed.

Uber Pick Up Areas And Location – Stansted Airport


As per London Stansted regulations you are only allowed to pick up passengers at designated areas.

The airport authorities do now allow pickups at the express drop-off areas, and the fee is pretty hefty if you try to do so. In fact, await there more than 10 minutes will result in a £50 fine while re-entering the drop-off zone within 30 minutes will result in a £20 fine from Stansted Airport.

You are only supposed to pick up at the Short Stay Car Park Orange and meet your rider at row G. If the airport is crowded, and it usually is, it is always best to contact your rider by phone and make sure you both know where to pick up and connect.

The fee for the Short Stay Car Park is £5.50 now, but it is included in the rider’s total charge so you won’t pay for it out of pocket.

The address for the Short Stay Car Park Orange is Terminal Rd S, Bishop’s Stortford and the full postcode for Uber pickup is CM22 6PL.

How Much Would an Uber Cost To Stanstead Airport?

Here are the average costs of taking an Uber from Central London all the way to Stansted Airport.

Please keep in mind that those are estimates and your mileage can vary significantly, especially if there is a surge or other circumstances.

Type Of Service


Uber X, Assist, Access £62-83
Uber XL £93 – 124
Exec £114-151
Lux £171-227