Luton Airport Uber Designated Waiting Spots

Luton Airport waiting area for Uber drivers

Uber did recently change the Luton airport pickup locations entirely, and I was left wondering where are the new ones after a trip to the airport from London. They will no longer allow pickups from any of the surrounding the airport streets and parks, especially the taxi rank near the big roundabout before the airport. There were a lot of complaints from the black cabs and the local yellow badge holders about Uber drivers parking in the taxi rank, so Uber intervened.

Two shiny new locations are Uber dedicated waiting spots, and you can see them on the map below:

Uber Dedicated Waiting spots for Luton airport pickups

Uber Dedicated Waiting spots for Luton airport pickups

Both locations are pretty convenient, and both provide plenty of parking space. The ASDA is more convenient regarding food and toilets available, but the Luton Retail Park area is more retail-oriented with plenty of stores like Halfords, ToysRUs and such.

1. ASDA Superstore Wigmore Park – LU2 9TA

ASDA superstore. There is plenty of food, hot and cold and toilets access. The parking is limited to two hours, but there doesn’t seem to be any cameras around. I asked other drivers while waiting there with my laptop and they all said the location is pretty laid back regarding parking and tickets are rare.

2. Luton Retail Park (Gipsy Lane Superstore) – LU2 0SX

A plethora of retail shops. 3 hours free parking and I have no idea how strict the enforcement will be, never been there yet. I personally always prefer superstores so I can get some food and use the lavatory.

Where to pick up passengers at Luton Airport

There is only one place at Luton allowed for pickups and drop-offs. It is the Priority Pick Up Zone near the terminal, and it is the quickest and safest way to get your passengers. It costs £3.00 for 10 minutes but keeps in mind that during the busy hours there tends to be a lot of congestion and chaotic traffic. They are rebuilding the whole pickup and drop-off areas, and it is a massive construction site at the moment. I hope for it to be over soon, so the long queues for the airport disappear soon enough.

Luton airport pick up and drop off area

Luton’s Pick Up and Drop Off area

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